WAFFLE® Products – Comfort, Prevention and Treatment of Stage I- IV Pressure Ulcers and Deep Tissue Injury

From the beginning, our goal at EHOB has been to aid in comfort, prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. For us, easing the pain and suffering of patients has long been a priority. As caregivers, we know that you feel the same.

Our entire line of WAFFLE® products, from mattresses to seat cushions to our complete line of foot cushions, has been created with this goal utmost in our minds. We know that you have a lot of issues to consider in providing the best care you can for your loved ones, so we are working to make selecting the best product as simple – and stress-free – as possible.

A Bed of Air Provides Comfort and Treatment

Static air is the ideal media in which to support the most vulnerable soft tissues of the body. The unique design of WAFFLE® products allows for the body to sink down into the product allowing unprecendented protection while contouring to the body.

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