TruVue Lite Heel Protector

The TruVue Lite heel protector mirrors the natural shape of the leg, securely holding the foot in place, as well as avoiding hyperextension of the knee.

Code Size Description
TRUVUELT6 One size fits most No Wedge-6 per case
TRUVUELTW6 One size fits most With Wedge-6 per case

Like its parent product, the TruVue® Lite heel protector offers the patient another level of support and protection. EHOB's newest boot to the TruVue family off-loads the heel, offers an open foot gate for visibility and is adjustable to offer a custom fit of the foot. The TruVue Lite heel protector also has an optional removable wedge to help keep the foot in its neutral position, and to keep the lower limb from externally rotating.

The TruVue Lite heel protector provides many benefits to caregivers and patients!

  • EHOB’s patented design allows the TruVue Lite heel protector to be placed FLAT on the bed, avoiding the need to lift a patient’s leg during application. This benefits the patient by limiting any pain-related leg movement. This design also benefits the clinician by reducing stress and strain to their back and shoulders, especially when lifting heavy or edematous legs.
  • The open foot gate design allows a more tailored fit around the foot.
  • The open foot gate allows the clinician or nurse to visually inspect the foot and heel with less disturbance than products without open foot gates.
  • The foot gate can be opened, as desired by the clinician, to allow air movement as needed to enable maintenance of normothermic conditions. The height of the TruVue Lite boot is elongated to help protect diabetic patient’s toes.

The TruVue heel protector is available with or without a wedge. The calf size for the "one size fits most" is 13" to 18" (33-45 cm). Smaller and larger size options are available with the TruVue heel protector product line.

Because offloading of lower extremities and microclimate issues are important to health care professionals for their patients, the TruVue Lite heel protector fulfills this need as a high quality and price-conscious product.

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