WAFFLE® Brand Products and Prism® Hospital Mattress

WAFFLE Brand Products have long been used for the prevention and treatment of Stage I-IV pressure ulcers and for deep tissue injury. The WAFFLE Overlay provides non-gradient pressure and minimizes shear along the entire body. Its single chamber, low profile, design maximizes area of contact and allows for pressure redistribution. Its antimicrobial material reduces the risk of infection and it is easily cleaned with warm soap and water. The WAFFLE's unique pattern of air holes circulates air, dissipates heat. WAFFLE products are also recommended for pain management.

The WAFFLE M.A.D., (Measured Air Delivery) Hand Pump provides non-electrical, exact inflation for all WAFFLE Brand Products. It ensures therapeutic effectiveness and maximizes the medically proven benefits of static air support.

DermaCare® Foam products are recommended for hospitals and nursing homes. The Prism® Mattress Replacement is made of a durable Relex Plus® foam. Its gatching notches allow it to move with the bed frame and the one-piece, clam-style cover is treated with butyl-neoprene to facilitate ideal moisture vapor transmission rates.


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