Staying Connected with EHOB

Episode 5: Healthcare in 2021 (ft. Holly Kirkland-Kyhn & Dr. Louis M. Profeta)

Episode 4: Emergency Department Pressure Injury Prevention and Awareness (ft. Holly Kirkland-Kyhn)

Episode 3: Manually Proning Patients in the ICU – ft. Carmen Davis & Terrie Beeson – IU Health

Episode 2: Will’s World of Pandemic Friends at the Poker Table of COVID-19 (ft. Dr. Louis M. Profeta & Patrick Kuhn)

Episode 1: COVID Impact (ft. Dr. Louis M. Profeta)


Staying Connected

There is no higher priority to the EHOB Family than the safety of our customers and the patients they serve. With an exhausting list of unknowns ahead, offering enhanced customer support and patient safety will continue to be our main priority. To better support you, we have enacted the following:

  • Enhanced Patient Support
  • Customer Support & Education
  • Increased Manufacturing Capacity