Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Who needs a WAFFLE® product?

People who are at risk for acquiring a pressure injury and may need a support surface that will relieve body pressure. Also, WAFFLE® brand products can provide hours of comfort for sufferers of back pain, sleeplessness, arthritis, youth and adult incontinence, muscular aches and pain and much more.


What is a pressure injury?

Pressure injuries are caused by prolonged pressure within the body and typically occur where soft tissue is pressed against the bone. This creates pressure and crimps the blood flow which can ultimately result in death to the tissue. Pressure injuries, or also referred to as “bed sores”, often occur in bed- or chair-bound individuals. And pressure injuries can begin to form in only a few hours depending on the individual’s medical circumstances.


How can a WAFFLE® static air overlay help me?

The use of static air in a chamber, like the WAFFLE® Overlay, mimics flotation therapy much like the embryo in amniotic fluid. By floating the body on only a half inch of air, pressure is greatly reduced over the entire body. Results can be as significant as preventing pressure injuries or as simple as a more comfortable night’s sleep.


What do you mean by static air?

Static air technology is a proven therapy in medicine and athletics. Static air is the use of air in a sealed compartment to contour, support and cushion a portion of the body.


How are WAFFLE products made?

All WAFFLE Products are constructed of a soft, medical grade vinyl providing ease of movement for the patient. All materials are 100% anti-microbial, non-porous, and flame-retardant.


How do I clean a WAFFLE® Brand product?

WAFFLE products may be cleaned with soap and warm water.


What makes WAFFLE® brand products better than other pressure relief products?

For over a decade, science and technology behind WAFFLE brand products and continuous commitment to R&D has positioned the WAFFLE Brand Product Line as the leader in its field. Hospitals around the world have discovered the preventative effects of pressure injuries and the comfort that takes place when patients use WAFFLE brand products. Today these products are available to home care.


Which WAFFLE® brand products are available to me?

The WAFFLE Brand Product Line includes mattresses, seating cushions and pads, OR pads, foot and heel elevators.

Do I need to be sick to use a WAFFLE® brand product?

Absolutely not! WAFFLE brand products can provide hours of comfort for sufferers of back pain, sleeplessness, arthritis, youth and adult incontinence, muscular aches and pain and much more.

Product Specific Information

Who Needs a WAFFLE® Seat Cusion?

The WAFFLE Seat Cushion provides comfort and pressure reduction to anyone who sits in a chair for prolonged periods of time. Most patients are encouraged to move from the bed to a chair during the day, where protection from pressure injuries should always be addressed. Also, the WAFFLE Cushion can provide hours of comfort at the office, traveling or while attending a sporting event.

Why do I need a WAFFLE M.A.D.® or a WAFFLE L.A.D.® Hand Pump to inflate my product?

The clinical value of a WAFFLE product depends on correct inflation. The required amount of strokes and inflation directions for all WAFFLE products are located on the side of the pump or package insert.


Who needs the WAFFLE® Heel Elevator?

Anyone who might be at risk for acquiring a pressure injury because of immobility, such as person that is bedridden or paralyzed.


Where can I purchase WAFFLE® brand products?

You may purchase our products online or call us at 1.800.899.5553.


Do I need a prescription to order WAFFLE® brand products?

No, unless Medicare or insurance reimbursement is desired.


Does Medicare reimburse for WAFFLE® brand products?

Some of the WAFFLE brand products are reimbursed under federal regulation. As is the case for most approved treatments, a Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) must be submitted. With a documented need authorized by the doctor in charge, a valid claim for reimbursement can be processed.


Can the WAFFLE® mattress be used on any size bed?

The WAFFLE Mattress is designed to fit a hospital or twin bed. Two WAFFLE® Mattresses may be placed side by side to fit a queen sized bed.


Will the mattress fit on a recliner?

The WAFFLE Chair Pad is designed specifically for a recliner, day chair or cardiac chair.


How do I determine the correct size foot WAFFLE® for the patient?

Measure the calf at the thickest area using a flexible tape measure (please call our Customer Service Department 1.800.966.3462 to request an EHOB tape measure). If applicable, measure the calf with dressings, stockings or anti-thrombetic products on the patient. Reference the chart below to select the correct Foot WAFFLE® size.

Small Calf Size: 10″ – 11 1/2″
Medium Calf Size: 12″ – 14″
Large Calf Size: 14 1/2″ – 18″


When sizing a patient for the Foot WAFFLE®, please keep the following in mind:

  • Always measure the calf with dressings on!
  • Use a flexible tape measure to accurately measure the calf.
  • Do a visual and manual check to make sure the heel is properly elevated above the surface.
  • Apply the Foot WAFFLE so that it is not pulled too tightly around the calf. There should be 1/2″ between the strap and the top of the ankle. If there is less than 1/2″, it is too close to the ankle and may cause shearing. Loosen straps or go up to the next size.
  • Always perform a hand check by sliding your hand between the side of the patient’s foot and the Foot WAFFLE. There should be enough room to easily slide your hand in and out.
  • Make sure the foot sinks down into the Foot WAFFLE to realize the benefits of heel elevation and foot drop management. Make sure the foot is properly aligned and doesn’t slide or move around in the Foot WAFFLE.

How do I know if the product is properly inflated?

The most important thing you can do to maximize the clinical effectiveness and comfort provided by these products is to inflate them only half-way full. WAFFLE brand products are not like your pool rafts! They do not need to be fully inflated.

Ideally, you should inflate your products with our WAFFLE M.A.D. hand pump for precise inflation. For easy reference, WAFFLE M.A.D. has the number of strokes each WAFFLE® brand product requires listed on the pump or consult the package insert instructions. After inflating the product, place the patient on the product, and then perform a hand check* (refer to the question below, “How do I check for bottoming out?“). The product may appear to have insufficient air in it until the patient’s weight dissipates the air to contour and cradle the body. In addition, when the patient is moved off the product, the product may appear flat or to have lost air. Simply perform another hand check and make sure their bottom is lifted off the seating surface. The patient needs to be off the surface with a minimum amount of air. REMEMBER: To receive optimum benefit from your WAFFLE® product, do not fully inflate it. Your product should look soft and pliable, not hard and stiff. It is designed for the patient to lie in… not on.


How do I check for bottoming out?

“Bottoming out” is a term used in the nursing profession to indicate that the patient’s bottom is resting on the bed and is not lifted off the surface for pressure relief.

Hand Check for “bottoming out”, while the patient is on the product, simply lift the edge of the WAFFLE Overlay and slide your hand, palm side up, underneath their buttocks. Ability to easily slide your hand in and out easily indicates the patient is resting on a cushion of air. If it is difficult to slide your hand in and out because the patient’s bottom is too heavy, the WAFFLE® Mattress may need one or two additional strokes of air.


What do I do if a product deflates?

WAFFLE Brand products have the best warranty in the business. If you suspect a manufacturer’s defect, call our Customer Service Department at 800.899.5553. They will walk you through our inspection process. Or you can check the following conditions of your WAFFLE product as our products can be repaired.

Are the valves properly sealed? Sometimes the valve top isn’t sealed against the inflation port and a slow leak occurs.

Are you sure the mattress has lost air? When the patient is moved off the mattress, it may appear as if the product has lost air, when in fact, the low-inflation level is exactly how the mattress cradles the patient.

Did you check you mattress for a minor puncture?Leaking is typically due to punctures which occur around the perimeter of the product. They can be found by applying soapy water to the product. Bubbling will indicate any punctures. (See next question regarding repairs.)


How do I repair a hole in my WAFFLE® mattress?

Call EHOB’s Customer Service Department at 1.800.966.3462 to inquire about suggested methods to repair our products.


What is the warranty on WAFFLE® brand products?

WAFFLE brand products are backed by a 30- and 90-day warranties for short term use. There are 6-month and 1-year warranty products recommended for home care and long term facilities. If any WAFFLE brand product fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship within these time periods, we will gladly replace all defective products.

Company Information

Tell me about EHOB, Incorporated.

EHOB provides high-quality, clinically-effective and cost-efficient positioning and support surface solutions available today. We offer not only mattress overlays, but also seating cushions, day chair pads, lower limb protectors, positioning aids and more… products designed for patient comfort, satisfaction and the full continuum of care. Our product selection philosophy focuses on matching the product to the patient and educating the caregiver for economical and effective patient care. From simple comfort to prevention of pressure injuries, trust the WAFFLE brand – safe, clinically-effective and easy to use products. All WAFFLE products are manufactured in the U.S.A.