EHOB is now a preferred provider of the WoundVision Scout™

WoundVision is taking measurement and documentation of wounds to a whole new level. The Scout is the wound care industry's FIRST and ONLY advanced visual and thermal imaging solution. The visual and infrared imaging solution combines your clinical expertise with an intuitive, easy to use tool that measures and records anamalies reflected in the underlining tissue.

Wound Size Measurement

  • Fulfill regulatory requirements with proper documentation
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements of LxW, surface area, perimeter & volume.
  • Quantitative wound size change as a comparative function overtime

Visualize & Quantify the Unseen

  • Visualization of blood flow, perfusion and metabolic activity
  • Identifies parties and desparities between affected and unaffected tissues
  • Quantitative tissue temperature change as a comparative function overtime

With WoundVision’s Scout technology, wound care providers can objectively document and record DTIs, pressure ulcers, and other wounds to optimize patient outcomes, comply with government regulations and preserve revenue. Our revolutionary Scout solution helps your staff to not only stay more informed about their patient's health, but increase the quality of care they can provide.

The web-based wound imaging technology is easy to use and saves clinicians time and resources by securing comprehensive patient data during admission and upon assessment. This critical data is then accessible from any internet-connected computer whether in the hospital, long-term care facility or at home.

Abiding by best practices and utilizing scientific data with your clinical expertise is at the core of what you do. The most successful healthcare facilities provide cost-effective care, meet federal and state regulatory requirements and minimize costly lawsuits. To access the Dr. Spahn presentation at the Northeast WOCN conference, click the following: Deep Tissue Pressure Injury: New Approaches for Early Identification and Intervention.

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