TruVue™ Heel Protector

Offloads & Protects

Easy grasp tabs with color accent provides visual guide for quick and easy opening of Velcro straps.

Anti-Shear Barrier Pad provides protection from shearing forces, especially when a patient digs their heels, slides in bed, or when they are transferred onto and off of the bed.

Stability Rails helps provide a solid base which promotes proper leg and hip alignment without compromising comfort.

Patients with diabetes or peripheral vascular disease are provided extra protection as the Elongated Foot Gate Height tents the sheet off of those vulnerable toes.

Open-Ended Foot Gate allows a true view of the foot and the offloaded heel without removing the boot from the patient; can be adjusted to accommodate a narrow or wide foot, or bulky dressing.

Multiple Tubing Ports allow for convenient placement of SCD, ICD or NPWT tubing.

Sizing Chart

Calf Circumference: Inches Centimeters
Petite 7 – 12.5 17 – 32
Standard 13 – 18 33 – 45
Extra Large 18.5 – 25.5 46 – 64

Achilles Pad provides a uniform and consistent way of offloading the heel while minimizing hyperextension of the knee. The Deep 'V' Cut Heel Well insures proper clearance of the heel to the bed.

Anti-Foot Drop Straps
Can be used to place the ankle in a neutral position (90° ankle) when the patient is deemed to be at risk for developing ankle contractures. The wide attachment point of the straps allows forces to be dispersed along the bottom of the foot.

The optional Wedge provides additional support to prevent internal and/or external rotation of the hip when the Stability Rails are not quite enough. The Wedge can be completely removed to avoid hip fixation when turning the patient in bed.

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