TruVue® Heel Protector

The TruVue Heel Protector better meets the individual needs of patients with a custom build around the foot and ankle to ensure the heel is properly offloaded. With unique product features, the TruVue Heel Protector properly offloads the heel, while reducing the risk of plantar flexion contractures and hyperextension of the knee.

TruVue® Heel Protector Details

EHOB TruVue Heel Protector features: stability rails to prevent hip and leg rotation, open foot gate, anti-foot drop straps, tubing ports, anti-shear pads, flexible straps, and optional anti-rotation wedge.

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Comparison Between Two Heel Off-Loading Devices in Pressure Injury Prevention

Rados Stoddard, BSN, RN, CWON, CFCN; G. Roxy Lupien, MSN, RN, CNL, CWOCN, CFCN

TruVue® Heel Protector Patient Education

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Product Specs

CodeDescriptionCalf Sizing
TRUVUEPTTruVue Heel Protector – Petite7 – 12.5” (17 – 32cm)
TRUVUESDTruVue Heel Protector – Standard13 – 18” (33 – 45cm)
TRUVUEXLTruVue Heel Protector – Extra Large18.5 – 25.5” (46 – 64cm)

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“This product was so comfortable and easy to use. It made a huge difference in my recovery.”