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EHOB has coupled their market-leading WAFFLE Overlay with their CAir Pump. The CAir Pump initially inflates the overlay and adjusts inflation as necessary during use. The pump also pro- vides automatic pressure maintenance, displays real time in- formation on the LCD screen, is whisper quiet and saves power by operating only when necessary. The ’smart algorithm’ offers one=touch programming to help make adjustments in multiple configurations. If a patient leaves the overlay, it will not become hard or overinflated upon their return. And, if a patient goes from lying flat to a 30° head-of- bed, adding a few extra strokes of air can be done effortlessly with a push of a button. It’s that easy.

The CAir Pump can be used with the patient either on or off of the uninflected WAFFLE Mattress Overlay.

The CAir Pump can be powered by a standard 120V outlet or on battery backup power allowing for easy portability. The mattress overlay can also be used separately from the CAir Pump with a manual hand pump.

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