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Forty-eight percent of injuries suffered by hospital employees that result in days away from work are due to overexertion and bodily reactions resulting from lifting, bending, or reaching, according to a 2011 OSHA report. The rate of injuries and illnesses among hospital workers is almost twice the rate for private industry as a whole. Nationwide, this means hospitals spend $2 billion on workers compensation losses.

In addition to staff injury, repositioning and turning patients can result in skin shear and skin injuries for patients. Scientific principles and extensive customer feedback regarding current methodologies led the EHOB Safe Patient Handling Team to design a solution for Anti-Shear, Turning and Repositioning plus MicroClimate, the ATR+ system. This system and EHOB’s additional Safe Patient Handling (SPH) tools allow facilities to protect their investment in their employees, their reputation, and their patients.


Reduce the Cost of Caregiver Strain

EHOB’s new safe patient handling line of products was developed with the patient and caregiver in mind. All items can be used in conjunction with each other, or with various WAFFLE Brand products.

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    A BETTER system for protecting staff from musculoskeletal injuries by lowering the risk of preventable injuries caused by routinely turning, repositioning and moving patients.

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    A BETTER pad for protecting a patient’s skin from incontinence episodes.

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    Transfer sheets reduce friction and lower exertion by the staff.

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    Straps further reduce the effort required for lateral transfers and repositioning.

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