ATR+® XL System

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The EHOB™ ATR+ XL is a multi-component system designed for patients to reduce the risk of pressure injuries by offloading the sacrum, while providing caregivers with a safe and easy way to manually turn and reposition virtually all patients with a weight capacity of up to 800lbs. Staff can have confidence that patients maintain a side-lying position throughout the duration of their turn, as the Position Perfect® Wedges are engineered with material that resists sliding.

ATR+® XL System Details

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Product Specs

Product CodeDescriptionSize
PPATRPXLCATR+ XL Turning and Repositioning System
PPATRPXLRSATR+ XL Repositioning Sheet44″ x 70″
PPCMFTOPESXLXL ComfortTopES Absorption Pad40″ x 55″
PPATRPWDGStandard, Covered Wedge19″ x 11″ x 9.5″
PPATRPXLWDGXL, Covered Wedge19″ x 15″ x 13″

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