ATR+® System

The EHOB™ ATR+ is a multi-component system designed to reduce the risk of pressure injuries by offloading the sacrum, while providing caregivers with a safe and easy way to manually turn and reposition patients. Staff can have confidence that patients maintain a side-lying position throughout the duration of their turn, as the Position Perfect® Wedges are engineered with material that resists sliding.

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The ATR+ System is designed to remain under the patient for the full continuum of care. The ergonomic features of the repositioning sheet are designed to reduce strain on the caregivers back, neck and wrists during patient turning and repositioning.

Product Specs

Product CodeDescriptionSize and Weight Limit
PPATRPC5ATR+ Turning and Repositioning System575 lb. Weight Limit
PPATR2PRS20ATR+ Repositioning Sheet35″ x 55″
PPCMFTOPES20ComfortTopES Absorption Pad35″ x 55″
PPATRPWDG6Standard Covered Wedge19″ x 11″ x 9.5″
PPATRPXLCXL Turning and Repositioning System800 lb. Weight Limit
PPATRPXLRSXL Repositioning Sheet44″ x 70″
PPCMFTOPESXLXL ComfortTopES Absorption Pad44″ x 70″
PPATRPXLWDG4XL Covered Wedge19″ x1 5″ x 13″

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