Overlay Prone Positioning

Stay Ahead & Prepare to Prone
EHOB’s WAFFLE Overlay offers pressure injury prevention for patients in both the supine and prone position, aiming to improve comfort and redistribute pressure to alleviate skin breakdown. Have you pressure-mapped your mattresses lately?

Healthcare facilities across the country are placing awake patients in the prone position within the ED to proactively get ahead of potential downfalls. While this position aims to improve oxygenation saturation levels and lessen the likelihood for ventilation, it can lead to skin breakdown. The WAFFLE Overlay is a clinically-proven solution that can be used for awake patients in the prone position, providing comfort and pressure injury prevention to help ensure skin integrity is not compromised.

Clinical Guidelines & Prone Position Guides

WAFFLE® Overlay Clinical Guidelines

Prone Position: Decision Tree

WAFFLE® Overlay Product Education with Proning