Changing ‘FOUR’ the better!

  • Sloped Design

    1. Sloped Design mirrors the natural shape of the leg as it angles down the calf to the ankle, securely holding the leg and foot in place.

  • Air-Filled Leg Straps

    2. Air-Filled Leg Straps offer pressure ulcer prevention as well as patient comfort across the top of the leg and foot.

  • Air-Filled “Pillow” Pad

    3. Air-Filled “Pillow” Pad at the bottom of the foot comfortably floats the patient’s foot and assists in preventing ankle contractures as well as maintaining normal ankle alignment for patients with foot drop.

  • Air-Filled Foot Strap

    4. Air-Filled Foot Strap and newly modified ankle section prevents shifiting of the foot within the product.

Foot WAFFLE Custom Product shot

Foot WAFFLE ® Custom

The lower extremities are very susceptible to the occurrence of pressure ulcers, with the... From $55.15
Foot WAFFLE Heel Elevator Custom Product shot

Foot WAFFLE® Heel Elevator Custom

The WAFFLE® Heel Elevator Custom surrounds the lower limb in air and is designed to... From $47.00

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