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Greetings, and welcome to football season, otherwise known to the rest of the world as "fall." Watching some of the world’s most gifted athletes playing at the top of their game every Sunday, we are also reminded that everything can change in an instant, and that even the most fit people may find themselves suddenly in an extended hospital stay. That’s why keeping up on the latest in techniques and technology is of the utmost importance in returning everyone — from the elderly and frail to the young and vibrant — back to their regular lives as quickly as possible.

This month we bring you a piece reminding us of the value of continuing education, another on the stigmatization of pressure ulcer wounds and, finally, EHOB’s crew happily joining in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge craze!

Be healthy, and go Colts!

James G. Spahn, Founder and CEO
EHOB, Inc.
Webinar Review
August 25, 2014
Fran Demo, BSN, RN, CWON

I had the opportunity last week to participate in the NPAUP webinar referenced above. As per NPAUP style this was a well-organized, informative presentation targeted to the audience addressed in the title. All objectives were met in an easy to understand manner. The information was not new to me as a WOC Nurse but for hospitalist, family physicians, NP’s & PA’s responsible for pressure ulcer documentation this webinar was well done.

Financing Stigma
August 30, 2014
Sue Partridge, RN, IIWCC

The words 'pressure ulcer development' have brought forth a huge awareness of a debilitating wound that can develop while you are a patient, incapacitated, immobile and /or recovering from illness. We live in an age of the "Superbugs" such as MRSA and C. Difficile which have also created a stigma, often due to being associated with a hospital stay. But now we add one more thing to the stigma list "The Pressure Ulcer".

Ice Bucket Challenge
August 25, 2014
Lynsey White

EHOB was very excited to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. On top of a monetary donation, EHOB is also donating 100 cushions to the Indiana ALS Chapter. We now challenge the wound care industry to join in raising awareness and funds for this disease.


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