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Pressure Ulcer Development of the Lower Extremity

Presentation Time: 60 minutes

Presented by:
Dr. James Spahn

The unique combination of anatomy, physics and biomechanical forces make the heel a special challenge for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. This program is designed to increase knowledge of the physical and biomechanical forces that combine to create pressure ulcers on the heel. The complexity and uniqueness of the heel will be explained by comparing tissue distortion over various bony prominence areas on various support surface media. A risk assessment scale for the foot will be discussed, and solutions for prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers will be offered. The overall goal is to enable clinicians to evaluate and implement effective preventive solutions for pressure and shear ulcers on the heel.

From this presentation you will:

  • Identify factors that increase the risk of pressure ulcer
    development of the lower extremity.
  • Discuss clinical protocols that reduce the development of pressure ulcers.
  • Discuss how immobility increases risk of pressure ulcers.

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