Pressure Mapping Technology

Pressure mapping sample showing the reduced surface contact on a Waffle Mattress
Red shows areas of high pressure. Adding a Waffle® Mattress significantly decreases the surface contact on the high pressure area.

While clinical studies have provided irrefutable data that pressure ulcers are significantly reduced when WAFFLE® air mattress overlays and seat cushions are utilized, there is technology that actually shows how these products significantly decrease the surface contact that is the cause of these painful wounds.

Pressure mapping technology, as seen in the images here, provide a clear evidence of the difference that the WAFFLE® products create. High-end hospital beds, with staggering price tags, are not able to provide the relief of these products. Despite advances in bed technology, the number of hospitalizations for pressure ulcers reported to Medicare has increased significantly, partly due to an aging population. Pressure mapping imagery leaves no doubt that these pressure redistribution products work, lessening patient pain and reducing hospital stays and inherent costs.

Read how this technology is being utilized in areas outside health care to create products that enhance even an active lifestyle.

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