EHOB’s stance on Coronavirus: COVID-19


Customer support, education, and patient safety will continue to be EHOB’s main priority as demand for pressure injury prevention increases.


March 16, 2020


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — There is no higher priority to the EHOB Family than the safety of our customers and the patients they serve. As the potential for hospitals to run out of rooms increases during these unsure times of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we will be providing additional tools and resources to support you and your staff in delivering the same high-quality care for patients at risk for pressure injuries.


With an exhausting list of unknowns ahead, offering enhanced customer support and patient safety will continue to be our main priority. To better support you, we have enacted the following:


Enhanced Patient Support 

We understand you want to protect your patients within the facility and after discharge. To do so, we will be releasing patient education sheets to ensure patients are comfortable using our products beyond the hospital. By educating patients, we aim to provide extended comfort throughout their recovery. 


Heightened Customer Support & Education 

EHOB is committed to educating your staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With product support and education accessible online via our website, learning will be made convenient to not only you but others around you.  Through updated in-service product videos and the flexibility of virtual meetings and in-servicing, we are prepared to assist in education as needed. 


Increased Manufacturing Personnel & Capacity 

Over the last few months there has been a significant increase in demand. Our manufacturing team is diligently working to provide a steady flow of product. We will be expanding our manufacturing personnel by 50%, adding additional shifts, bringing in new equipment and increasing our overall footprint.


While it is not possible for anyone to predict the impact of COVID-19, it does not change EHOB’s continued focus to provide high quality, clinically-proven products in pressure injury prevention. We appreciate your patience and trust, as we all navigate through this challenging time. Additional email and video updates will be provided on how we will continuously partner with you along the way. We do it better together. 


James Q. Bui 

EHOB Chief Operating Officer



EHOB was founded in 1985, specializing solely in pressure injury prevention. For the last 35 years, we have strived to produce simple, clinically-proven, cost-effective solutions. Our focus is to deliver solutions and educational services that meet the needs of the patient, clinicians and healthcare team. As your trusted partner in pressure injury prevention, we are committed to improving patient outcomes and workplace efficiency every day. We do it better together.

EHOB, Inc. manufacturing, research, product development, contract sealing and corporate operations are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.