Count on the WAFFLE Cushion

Waffle Cushion

You Can Count on the WAFFLE Cushion

You can count on the market-leading EHOB™ WAFFLE® Cushion, as it has taken us decades to perfect the proprietary material, antimicrobial blend, and overall quality to deliver better patient outcomes and comfort.

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Avoid the Avoidable

While cheaper alternatives may save you money up-front, there can be serious effects to your bottom line if patient care is compromised. 

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This is Who We Are

EHOB is a family-owned provider of market-leading pressure injury prevention solutions, founded in 1985. For more than 35 years, we have strived to produce simple, clinically proven, cost-effective solutions. Our focus is to deliver solutions and educational services that meet the needs of the patient, clinicians, and healthcare team. We do it better, together.

Be Confident Your Patients Are Protected

While cheaper alternatives may save you money up-front, there can be serious effects to your bottom line if patient care is compromised, with US Health Systems spending anywhere between $9–11 billion on pressure injuries per year.1

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WAFFLE Cushion

The EHOB WAFFLE Cushion is the #1 market-leading non-powered reactive air pressure redistribution cushion designed to redistribute pressure at bony prominences and is engineered with a proprietary material that contains an antimicrobial blend to keep patients safe and comfortable.

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How It Works

Achieve Better Outcomes with a Clinically-Proven Solution

The WAFFLE® Cushion successfully demonstrated its ability to prevent sacrum, coccyx, buttock, and hip pressure injuries through 1,000 ICU patient days and a decrease to 0 HAPIS within the first five consecutive months. These results were sustained over a three-year period.2

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