EHOB Donates Mattress Overlays for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Indianapolis, IN – September 6, 2017 - EHOB, a leading provider of affordable products created for the effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, has donated 1,000 mattress overlays to help Hurricane Harvey Victims.

On Friday, September 1, EHOB donated over $80,000 of its WAFFLE® Mattress Overlays and hand pumps to help those displaced from their homes by Hurricane Harvey. With the help of volunteer drivers from local Boy Scouts troops, the American Legion and churches, the mattresses will be delivered to those who do not have a comfortable place to sleep after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  EHOB products are typically used to prevent pressure injuries in hospitals and at home, but in previous disasters, EHOB had learned that hospitals were using their stock to help those displaced from their homes.  EHOB has previously donated mattresses to victims of other natural disasters such as, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and those affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

“Everybody needs rest.  While our products are designed to prevent pressure injuries in hospital, in situations like this, they can help to make victims a little more comfortable.  People are sleeping on the ground or wooden cots, and our mattresses can add comfort,” said Kurt Vetters, Vice President of Corporate Sales for EHOB. “We are so glad to be part of this, and proud of our employees for making this happen. Yesterday these mattresses were raw material, today they are finished product and tomorrow they will be under someone in need.”

About EHOB

EHOB is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and offers many products for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, including mattress overlays, seating cushions, day chair pads, safe patient handling products, lower-limb protectors, positioning aids and more. More than 2,200 hospitals, nursing homes and home caregivers rely on EHOB’s support surfaces. To learn more about the ATR+ system, visit The product is available for purchase through EHOB’s nationwide resellers.