EHOB, Inc. Introduces the TruVue Heel Protector

New product for comfort, pain relief, treatment and prevention of lower-extremity pressure ulcers

EHOB, Inc., a leading provider of affordable products effective in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, is announcing today the release of its TruVue Heel Protector that is designed to assist in the prevention and treatment of lower extremity pressure ulcers.

Offering patients a new level of support, the TruVue Heel Protector is constructed with an anti-shear pad that serves as a barrier to pressure from a bed on the heel. The Achilles pillow, covered underneath by the anti-shear barrier pad, rests under the tendon when in use to elevate and cushion it from pressure locations. Additionally, the product’s rigid support rails and external wedges deliver the necessary stability to overcome torsional forces to resist leg and foot rotation. 

EHOB’s TruVue Heel Protector mirrors the natural shape of the leg as it angles from the calf down to the ankle, securely holding the leg and foot in place while allowing for full range of motion. Its anti-foot drop straps attach to the side of the boot, rather than the back, to alleviate pressure points around and on the foot. The straps also give caregivers the ability to pull the foot back to a 90-degree orientation. A fully openable foot gate provides complete visibility to the foot in addition to adjustability in width for a custom fit. Its deep, v-cut heel well fully offloads the heel without any product interaction and provides relief from product-to-heel engagement with foot flexion. 

The product is recommended for single-patient use and available in sizes Petite, Standard and Extra-large. The Extra-large product fully encloses most feet up to men’s size 13.

EHOB offers a number of products for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, including mattress overlays, seating cushions, day chair pads, lower-limb protectors, positioning aids and more. Over 2,200 hospitals, nursing homes and home caregivers rely on EHOB’s support surfaces. The TruVue Heel Protector is now available for purchase through EHOB’s nationwide resellers and on the company’s website at