Meet Dr. Spahn

Dr. Jim Spahn specializes in Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery. His extensive training in soft tissue survival began not as a business owner, but as a medical doctor. In the process of developing a positioning mattress to keep his patients' head elevated post-operatively, it was made known to him that this product, the Position Perfect®, also prevented and treated pressure ulcers. Fascinated by the fact that his training and reconstructive surgery closely resembled the techniques recommended for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, he founded EHOB, Incorporated in 1986 and began manufacturing and distributing medical products, now known the world over as WAFFLE® brand products. Dr. Spahn's inventive genius and in-depth understanding of the physical properties of contouring surfaces, human anatomy and mechanics, are the core of what exists today as a leading company in skin protection and static air technology. Dr. Spahn is continually researching and designing product improvements, inventing new products, and teaching advancements in skin care.

Dr. Spahn received his M.D. from Indiana University Medical Center in 1970, and his board certification in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery in 1975.

Dr. Spahn was recently featured in an article in the Indianapolis Star.