Leader in Pressure Injury Prevention

WAFFLE® Brand Products have been used effectively for pressure injury prevention for more than a decade.

EHOB was founded in 1985, specializing solely in pressure injury prevention. Since then, we have striven to produce simple, clinically-proven, cost-effective solutions that reduce the risk of pressure injuries and improve overall patient care.

Meet the Needs of Patients and Staff 

We continuously collaborate with customers to understand their situations and needs. We provide a customized experience for every facility, so healthcare professionals can give their best care while prioritizing pressure injury prevention for their patients.

Achieve Better Outcomes With Simple Solutions

Being able to provide protection within and beyond the hospital is critical to achieving better patient outcomes. EHOB offers a product portfolio that protects patients throughout the hospital, with Support Surfaces, Heel Protectors and Turning and Repositioning solutions.

Partner with EHOB

In an ever-changing market, we are committed to partnering with facilities to achieve better patient outcomes, comfort and satisfaction. After all, we do it better together.

EHOB, Inc. manufacturing, research, product development, contract sealing and corporate operations are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.