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Healthcare Tech Outlook named EHOB one of the Top 10 Patient Safety Solution Providers – 2021. This award recognizes EHOB’s dedication and commitment to deliver simple, clinically proven and cost-effective solutions.
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The New EHOB™ ATR+ Pro™ Turning and Repositioning System is designed to simplify strenuous turning, repositioning and boosting by allowing simple movements that help reduce staff injury and sacral pressure injuries.
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Leader in Pressure Injury Prevention

Trusted by clinicians, the WAFFLE® Brand Products are clinically proven to help prevent pressure injuries.

Navigating the Safe Patient Handling Movement

A call to protect frontline healthcare workers from frequent injury spurred the safe patient handling movement. Learn about tools and policies to protect clinicians.

Safe Handling

Understanding the TWO sides of Foot Drop

One-quarter of all human bones are located in the feet. 26 bones. 33 joints. Over 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments. That’s a lot of moving parts. And when you figure in the nerves that effect the foot, there’s just a lot going on with the lower extremity. And a lot that could go wrong. When the peripheral nerves in the legs are damaged or compressed, foot drop can occur. But what exactly is foot drop?

Preventing pressure injuries on the heels is critical for good patient care

It is widely documented that the heel is the second most common site for pressure injuries. A prevalence study conducted over a 16-year period revealed that heel ulcers accounted for 34% of all PIs in bedridden patients. And 41% of all deep tissue injuries also manifest on the heel. But, why?

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“I had tried pillows, back cushions, heat, and ice but found no relief until I used this cushion. I now have three, one for the car, one for my desk, and one for the entertainment room.”