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EHOB wants to understand what motivates you, as a healthcare professional, to wear your mask. Let us know so we can share your story with others and personally send you three Caring for Caregivers masks.
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Each month, we’ll be sharing stories from nurses who elevate the healthcare experience through exceptional dedication to their patients and their craft.
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Leader in Pressure Injury Prevention

WAFFLE® Brand Products have been used effectively for pressure injury prevention for more than a decade.

Staying Connected

Episode 4: Emergency Department Pressure Injury Prevention and Awareness (ft. Holly Kirkland-Kyhn). On this episode of the EHOB podcast, we sit down with Holly Kirkland-Kyhn to discuss pressure injury prevention and awareness in the Emergency Department.

Protecting patient’s skin from the earliest moments

While facilities can’t control what is going on at home, they can minimize the pressure injury risk within the ambulance. One particular study looked at the pressure injury incidence rate of adults entering the ED via ambulance and discovered an increase of 5.2%.

Supporting Caregivers

Caregivers need access to convenient, effective, and affordable solutions to prevent pressure injuries in patients. We’re proud to partner with a team of clinicians who have extensive experience in the full continuum of care. We work alongside you as true partners in prevention, providing product and service education as well as hospital consultations and ongoing support.

What We’re Made Of

At EHOB, we believe in the power of shared purpose. We see each day as a new opportunity to make something of value, and we’ve learned this along the way: we do it better together.

“I had tried pillows, back cushions, heat, and ice but found no relief until I used this cushion. I now have three, one for the car, one for my desk, and one for the entertainment room.”