The New EHOB™ ATR+ Pro™ Turning and Repositioning System is designed to simplify strenuous turning, repositioning and boosting by allowing simple movements that help reduce staff injury and sacral pressure injuries.
Turn and Reposition Patients like a Pro

Pressure Injury Prevention

Focused on pressure injury prevention. We provide clinically proven and cost-efficient products to all areas of the hospital and beyond.
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Prone Positioning

Patients lying in the prone position for prolonged periods of time may be putting their skin at risk. Our support surfaces are specially designed for pressure injury management. Patients requiring prone positioning remain protected and enjoy an extra level of comfort.
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Top Workplaces 2020

EHOB has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor by The Indianapolis Star.
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Leader in Pressure Injury Prevention

WAFFLE® Brand Products have been used effectively for pressure injury prevention for more than a decade.

WOC Nurses to the Rescue in Acute Care Hospitals

Skin. The largest organ system in the human body and arguably the most important. While a person can live without some organs, the skin is non-negotiable. And caring for something this valuable is not a job for just anyone. Enter the WOC Nurse!

Patient Turning and Repositioning Doesn’t Have to Be Such a Pain

Ergonomics. It’s fun to say and has become quite the buzzword, but what does it really mean? Simply stated, Ergonomics is the science of designing work tasks to suit the capabilities of the worker. In relation to patient handling, it also involves tools and safety procedures designed to help lift and move patients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), manual patient lifting is the single greatest risk factor for musculoskeletal injuries in healthcare workers. That hurts just thinking about it.

Safety and Comfort Pivotal for Patient Healing

Patients already in vulnerable positions need to feel secure and confident in their care. Anxiety can often present as anger with the caregivers in the direct line of fire. When flight isn’t an option, fight will win. Studies have revealed the negative impact psychological stress can have on the immune system. Handling these emotions with compassion and open communication is the best bet.

Recognizing the Critical Role of Supply Chain

Selecting products for good patient outcomes while keeping a handle on the bottom line is tricky. The dual role of the Supply Chain Manager has evolved into a critical conduit between the clinician’s preferences and fiscal responsibility. But, how hard can it really be to order a few products? Let’s take a look at what goes into the decision-making process.

What We’re Made Of

At EHOB, we believe in the power of shared purpose. We see each day as a new opportunity to make something of value, and we’ve learned this along the way: we do it better together.

“I had tried pillows, back cushions, heat, and ice but found no relief until I used this cushion. I now have three, one for the car, one for my desk, and one for the entertainment room.”