The EHOB™ WAFFLE® Overlay is more than a non-powered reactive air support surface, assisting in lateral transfers, boosts and turns to protect patients throughout the hospital journey.
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The New EHOB™ ATR+ Pro™ Turning and Repositioning System is designed to simplify strenuous turning, repositioning and boosting by allowing simple movements that help reduce staff injury and sacral pressure injuries.
Turn and Reposition Patients like a Pro

Prone Positioning

Patients lying in the prone position for prolonged periods of time may be putting their skin at risk. Our support surfaces are specially designed for pressure injury management. Patients requiring prone positioning remain protected and enjoy an extra level of comfort.
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Top Workplaces 2020

EHOB has been awarded a Top Workplaces 2020 honor by The Indianapolis Star.
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Leader in Pressure Injury Prevention

WAFFLE® Brand Products have been used effectively for pressure injury prevention for more than a decade.

Cushion Pressure Mapping Provides a Clear Vision on the Inside

Skin assessments are important for good patient care. But they can only provide a superficial snapshot of what is happening on the surface. Conditions such as excessive moisture and friction can easily be identified but it’d take a crystal ball to see what’s happening below the skin. Right? Maybe not. Behold the magic of pressure mapping!

All Cushions are Not Created Equal

At EHOB, preventing pressure injuries is the foundation on which we were built over 35 years ago. It’s what we do. But we’re not your average device manufacturer. Founded by a physician, good patient outcomes have always been our driving force. It has to be. WAFFLE Support Surfaces deliver pressure redistribution that patients and caregivers can count on.

Turning and Repositioning Patients like a PRO

As a patient slides the pressure on the pelvis, coccyx, and sacrum increases. Interface pressure between skin and surface soars. But nurses can’t just pull patients back up to the head of the bed. For starters, heavy handling of fragile skin can lead to tears due to friction and shear forces. And caregivers are going to get hurt.

WOC Nurses to the Rescue in Acute Care Hospitals

Skin. The largest organ system in the human body and arguably the most important. While a person can live without some organs, the skin is non-negotiable. And caring for something this valuable is not a job for just anyone. Enter the WOC Nurse!

What We’re Made Of

At EHOB, we believe in the power of shared purpose. We see each day as a new opportunity to make something of value, and we’ve learned this along the way: we do it better together.

“I had tried pillows, back cushions, heat, and ice but found no relief until I used this cushion. I now have three, one for the car, one for my desk, and one for the entertainment room.”